I work directly with customers or through leading consulting firms. The cooperation with these firms makes it possible to address bigger challenges that require more external manpower or more diverse competencies.


I am a pragmatic doer. I have experience both as a manager and as a consultant. I strive to move as soon as possible from paper to practice. Getting to the results is paramount.


My approach is characterized by a balance between 'hard' and 'soft'. Thus I focus on hard aspects such as systems, structures and processes as well as on soft aspects such as the way of working, cooperation and leadership.


I believe in doing things together. You know your organization, and I bring the outside view and specific expertise. Since every change is also about learning, the organization needs to be involved in order to make the change sustainable.

You can deploy me in improving, renewing and innovating your organization. Compact, targeted support (small), larger interventions (medium) and challenging transitions (large).

Facilitating workshops and team sessions
Process Mapping or Customer Journey Mapping
Coaching managers or project/program managers in change processes
Review or second opinion of project, program or improvement plans
Set up Agile week and/or day starts

Solving a specific bottleneck in your organization
Developing an approach for a renewal process
Developing a purpose-driven strategy
Implementing portfolio management of change initiatives
Mediation of an organizational conflict

A program for increasing the improvement capability of the organization
Implementing a specific renewal project or program
A program for increasing the innovation power of the organization
Implementing Holacracy (or another form of self-management)
Improving or renewing New Product Development