Joppe van Berkum Consulting and Management delivers services in the area of improvement, renewal and innovation of organizations. Through these services I focus on implementing strategy for my customers.

I support you with embedding improvement abilities, with programs for renewal and with initiating or streamlining your innovation process.


Continuous improvement is about getting better at what you do. It is the foundation of every vital organization. Without improvement, decline is a certainty.

Improvement requires specific competencies, a clear approach and supporting leadership. With these in place, continuous improvement can become part of the organization’s culture – part of its very DNA.


Sometimes rapid change (especially digital change) or deferred maintenance causes parts of the business to lag behind. This situation calls for renewal.

In a project or program, parts of the business are redesigned and rebuilt. Nowadays, this is often not done step by step, but iteratively, so benefits are reaped as soon as possible and the design can be confronted with reality.


Innovation is the source of life for any organization. The organization exists because of innovation and will continue to exist – if all goes well – only if ongoing innovation receives sufficient attention.

The days in which innovation happened behind closed doors are now long passed. Innovation is shaped by continuous dialogue with customers, stakeholders and the society at large.

Although innovation is a creative process, it needs a backbone of methodology and techniques to be successful.